We offer 24x7x365 Managed IT Services & Support for Small to
Medium Sized Businesses Throughout Chicago & Northwest Suburbs.

9 Reasons You Should Trust Xerillion to Support Your Computer Network:

  1. Stability & Growth. We been in business since August 1st, 2002 and service over 100 businesses in the metro Chicago area. We have been operating out of our office in Schaumburg next to the Woodfield Mall since 2003.
  2. We’ll respond within 60 minutes or Less during business hours- Guaranteed. We have an in-house helpdesk and dispatch team that answers your support calls live 7:00am and 5:00pm (1 hour earlier than most companies) and we provide fast callback helpdesk support outside business hours 7 days a week. Your email support requests are responded to personally. All calls and emails are ticketed and reviewed twice a day through to completion.
  3. Flat Rate Support Plans. We provide easy to understand flat rate monthly support plans. We can provide you with a fixed cost to manage and support your computer network for a fraction of what it would cost to build and manage an entire IT department.
  4. Fast Repair. We have a live NOC (network operations center) team that remotely monitors your servers, networking equipment, backup system and Internet circuit for errors and outages 24x7x365. What can’t be fixed remotely is immediately handed off to one of our field engineers who will be onsite in 4 hours or less, especially for overnight outages where your system HAS to be up before the start of the business day.
  5. NOC Management. NOC team systematically manages all the security patching, antivirus updates and backups on your computer network. Computers that fail to update their operating system, antivirus, or backups generate tickets that we review and remediate.
  6. We Install and Manage the Best Backup and Disaster Recovery System in the Business. A system that mirrors exact copies of your servers onsite and offsite automatically. A system that allows for easy local and offsite failovers in the event your server isn’t working or your office is no longer accessible because of a disaster.
  7. Business Phone Systems at Affordable Rates. We install and manage VoIP phone systems and know how to set them up RIGHT so they don’t sound choppy or garbled.
  8. 60 Day Demos. We offer free 60 day demo laptops, desktops and printers to our clients to try out several different models to ensure you get the right standard model for your company.
  9. 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. We take no money upfront for our support services or our project services. We do all the work and you only pay us if you are 100% satisfied — stated very simply in our short service agreement.