Your Word and Excel documents, PDF's, graphics files, databases, emails, financial data, client information are highly valuable assets you have spent a lot of money developing over the lifetime of your business. Not to mention all the service time you have purchased having IT professionals setup, configure and maintain the systems that hold all of this data. When this data is lost due to hardware failures, accidental employee deletions, theft or unanticipated natural disaster, you need to make sure you can quickly recover your servers, applications and data so your business maintains operational continuity.

We install the latest, most complete automated image-based backup and disaster recovery system on the market.

Here's how:

  • dattoOur system is image-based, not file-based – our system creates a virtual mirror image of your server that is stored locally and automatically replicated offsite. Our system takes hourly snapshots of your server that we can roll back to many points of time in the past. We can use these virtual images to bring up a copy of your server at your office in the event of a hardware failure, or we can bring up a copy of your servers in the Cloud in the event of a site disaster.
  • Tapes, USB drives, ejectable hard drives are dated – tapes are a maintenance headache. USB drives are not a good offsite solution. Both are prone to failure when you need them most. Any system that runs once a day to a set of media that an admin in the office must swap out, is asking for trouble.
  • Fast recoveries – our system can restore a file very quickly, or even restore a virtual copy of your server in 30 minutes. We can recover your entire server infrastructure in the Cloud within 4-6 hours.
  • Easy testing – our system is setup to perform a test virtual boot up of your server images every 24 hours. Failures to boot, or absence of any notification of any kind from your backup system will fire off a ticket to us which we will look into and remediate if needed.
  • Affordable – our backup and disaster recovery system is affordable and works as promised. As your IT management company, it is important to us to know that you have this system in place when you need it most.

Call today and prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.