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As a small business owner, I find it difficult to find dependable help these days. Whether it is my current staff or if I am looking for a new hire, it is difficult to find trustworthy employees. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I had a secure small business network that I could use to protect my client’s data.

This was necessary for me to be safe from any future legal action as well as protecting my business’ reputation. I was known as a trustworthy business owner, so I did not want to let anything happen to the clients that helped keep me in business.

I found a local chicago it consulting firm that came highly recommended from a client. He had used that chicago it consulting firm to establish his small business network and he felt that I could find similar success.

I decided to take my client’s advice and looked into this firm. I first visited their website and was impressed with what I saw. They offered numerous services and were able to help me with exactly what I needed.

I went to their contact page and found the information I needed to set up an appointment. I called the next day and was answered promptly by a receptionist. I explained what I was looking for, and she transferred me to a technician.

He answered the call within seconds and gathered all of my information. He asked exactly what I needed, and he was able to discuss with me the process he would undertake.

He gave me various options that I could consider, but he guaranteed that he could provide numerous security protocols that would make it improbably for my employees to steal customer information.

I could not understand most of what he was discussing, but I was excited for the opportunity to finally make sure my client’s information was totally secure.

He agreed to stop by in the morning to prepare my network for the new security protocols. It took him quite some time to fully establish everything, but once he completed the work, his first course of action was to show me how to use the new system.

He made sure to leave me detailed instructions, and I was the only person who could log into it and access client data. I was glad that I selected this chicago it consulting firm, and I have made sure to recommend it to everyone I know.

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