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One of the main causes of premature computer malfunctions is improper care. According to computer services Chicago technicians spills, dust, dirt and grime can lead to serious problems with your home or office computer. While you may be concerned with keeping your home clean, how many people actually worry about the cleanliness of their office and the computer that they work on in their office?

Your computer services Chicago technicians will tell you that you should be worried about these factors, along with heat. Heat and corrosion are your computers two worst enemies. While your office may have air conditioning in the summer time, if you have your computer sitting in direct sunlight it can have a damaging affect on your computer.

Computer services Chicago technicians will recommend that you have your computers cleaned in order to lengthen their life span. They will also emphasize the importance of trying to keep your computer protected against dust and spills by exercising proper caution. You can easily protect your keyboard against spills by keep liquids away from it.

There are a number of cleaning products that are on the shelves that can help you to clean the outer parts of your computer. You can purchase keyboard cleaners and specially designed cloths for monitor cleaning at your local office supply store. These products will minimize the amount of dust that is in physical contact with the outside of your computer.

Your computer technician can also clean some of the interior components of your computer for you. It is always best to leave the interior cleaning of electronic components to a trained professional in order to reduce the risk of electric shock and to eliminate the potential for damaging the computer. Your technician will always exercise proper caution when taking apart and cleaning the inside components of your computer.

Depending upon the computer’s exposure to dust and the elements, your technician may want to clean your computers as frequently as every six months in order to increase their life span or perhaps every year. You can trust their expert knowledge in suggesting a maintenance schedule for the cleaning of your computers.

By regularly cleaning the exterior of your computers and the areas in which you operate them you can extend the life of your computer. Combined with the routine maintenance performed by a professional IT technician you’ll be able to extend your computer’s life by a few years.

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