A VERY sincere THANK YOU for your interest in talking with us! 🙂 We certainly never want to ruffle anyone's feathers. Just like you, we have a certain customer demographic that, over time, we have learned finds our solutions a good fit for their comany and usually turns into a business relationship. And, there are other demographics that we ultimately find rarely turn into a business relationship and the inquiring company might find it a better use of their time to reach out to other Microsoft partners.

We find that companies with less than 20 users will find the one-time project costs to do a Microsoft 365 or Azure integration project the way we do it to be more than they expected and/or feel comfortable with at this stage of their company's growth...and that is perfctly OK and completely understandable. Xerillion is a 15 person company and doesn't have unlimited financial resources either. If we were purchasing a service for our company, we wouldn't want to engage in a lengthy series of discussions and proposal reviews only to find out we can't afford the solution either.

On the flip side, companies with greater than 200 users are usually tied up in an enterprise agreement with Microsoft direct or another large subscription reseller and cannot or will not purchase from a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider ("CSP")  like Xerillion. Usually, they want project-only services while purchasing their Microsoft cloud subscriptions somewhere else. For us, while we can provide project-only services, we must be a client's Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and reseller of their Microsoft cloud subscriptions in order to do so.