Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility is an all-encompassing approach to enterprise mobility and mobile device management in the work place.

Unsecured company data can cause monetary loss, data breaches, regulatory fines, and even litigation settlements.

So what exactly is Enterprise Mobility Suite?


  • Operating system security patching and error notification
  • Antivirus update and management
  • Zero day threat protection—before the antivirus gets an update
  • Mobile device management
  • Inventory
  • Compliance reporting
  • Windows Server 2012 User CAL (normally $40 each)
  • Compliance policy enforcement
  • $8.75/user/month (installed on up to 5 devices)
    • Non-profit: $1.65/user/month (requires qualification process)

merakiCloud managed network devices.

Plug them in, the login to the Meraki portal, and that is where we manage them.

We no longer have to remote in to your network, then connect to the individual device to manage it. All devices are listed under your Meraki account and we simply click on them to manage them.

The devices update themselves and send tickets to us when they need care.

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  • Block unwanted access to your private network
  • Scan all user traffic in and out
  • Analyze traffic


  • Remote turn on or off ports
  • Analyze traffic
  • PoE or Non-PoE

Wireless Access Points

  • Move between access points without resets
  • Drop-drop configuration