From the president, Wayne Chapin

We support about 250 companies covering about 8,000 end-users. About 75% of our clients have internal IT departments that we provide backend managed Microsoft 365 IT services for while the other 25% of our clients outsource their entire IT services to us, including helpdesk support.

We have been in business since August 1st, 2002. If you are looking for long-term stability in a partner - that's us. We provide live helpdesk during regular business hours and phone-in call-back support after hours.  We provide full managed IT services to companies that outsource their IT entirely and partial managed services to IT departments that want back-end support of their Microsoft 365 cloud services. We can provide project-only services with as-needed post-support if the client chooses us as the reseller of the their Microsoft cloud subscriptions.

Here’s why businesses choose Xerillion:

  • REASON 1 – our sales process is really an educational process about Microsoft 365 and Azure that's easy to understand.
  • REASON 2 – we show companies how a cloud-services solution is vastly more stable, secure, cost efficient and scalable to an on-premises solution.
  • REASON 3 – we show companies how a cloud-services solution is lower cost with more security and productivity capabilities than an on-premises solution.
  • REASON 4 – our unlimited helpdesk, unlimited CIO services, proprietary management and security services, our secure employee onboard and offboard process.
  • REASON 5 – we are a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner specialized in Modern Work (i.e., Microsoft 365). We work directly with Microsoft and not through a distributor. The direct relationship with Microsoft is an invite-only program and carries a very significant annual investment in a addition to general partner fees. With this investment, we have advanced partner support and a dedicated partner manager who has been our point of contact with Microsoft for over 5 years. Our clients benefit from this relationship in a way they could not with Microsoft directly themselves, or through a larger reseller.

We live, eat and breath the Microsoft 365 for shared files, email, chat, phones security and device management. Our goal is to make you completely server-less with modern IT security and powered by Microsoft 365. We can take you somewhere.