From the president, Wayne Chapin

We support 168 companies covering about 2,500 end-users under managed IT services and 40 IT departments as their Microsoft cloud solution provider across the United States. We have been in business since August 1st, 2002. If you are looking for long-term stability in a partner - that's us. We provide live helpdesk during regular business hours and phone-in call-back support after hours.  We provide full managed IT services to companies that outsource their IT entirely and partial managed services to IT departments that want back-end support of their Microsoft 365 cloud services. We can provide project-only services with as-needed post-support if the client chooses us as the reseller of the their Microsoft cloud subscriptions.

Here’s why businesses choose Xerillion:

  • REASON 1 – our sales process is really an educational process about Microsoft 365 and Azure that's easy to understand.
  • REASON 2 – we show companies how a cloud-services solution is vastly more stable, secure, cost efficient and scalable to an on-premises solution.
  • REASON 3 – we show companies how a cloud-services solution is lower cost with more security and productivity capabilities than an on-premises solution.
  • REASON 4 – our unlimited helpdesk, unlimited CIO services, proprietary management and security services, our secure employee onboard and offboard process.
  • REASON 5 – we are a Microsoft 6X gold, Tier-1 direct partner with prioritized privileged access to support and investment funding for our client's projects through Microsoft.

We live, eat and breath the Microsoft modern workplace that is completely server-less, and powered by Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Teams as the flagship application. We know how to get you there as well.