The Confident Cloud Advantage™ by Xerillion

A modern enterprise cloud IT solution managed by Xerillion and powered by Microsoft for a simple fixed monthly fee that includes:

  1. Email and calendaring
  2. File sharing and document management
  3. Phone system
  4. Audio and video conferencing
  5. Instant messaging
  6. Desktop sharing
  7. Latest Microsoft Office apps
  8. Latest Windows OS
  9. The most advanced enterprise-grade security available
  10. Unlimited user helpdesk
  11. Security and systems monitoring and management
  12. Unlimited CIO strategy
  13. Modern IT end-user training

What does it solve?

  • Your interest in moving to the cloud but not being quite clear on how to get there, or the cost, with the least amount of headaches and stress.
  • Never having to buy another server ever again and the headaches that go with them.
    • No more email servers.
    • No more file servers.
    • No more print servers.
    • No more domain controllers.
    • No more backup and disaster recovery systems.
    • Never dealing with hosting servers at your office every again.
    • The end of big giant costly IT upgrade projects every 6 years.
    • Never having to deal with software licenses ever again.
    • Having minimal IT hardware at all of your offices.
    • The end of maintaining a backup and disaster recovery system.
  • Your business phone and audio/video conferencing system
    • No more hosting a phone system at your office or being tied into 3 year phone system contract for a hosted system or a phone circuit.
    • One less vendor to deal with.
    • A phone system that goes wherever your desktop/laptop/smart-phone goes.
    • Get away from having desk phones that tie you down to an office.
    • Modern voice and video conferencing collaboration.
    • Desktop sharing and instant messaging.
  • Your IT security concerns with your current system.
    • Your employees’ identities managed with multi-factor authentication and proactive identity management.
    • Access to your data blocked by unregistered or unknown devices.
    • The hundreds of alerts that come from cloud systems holding your data—managed every month.
    • The 10 different services in your enterprise cloud system managed using The Confident Cloud Management System ™ and The Confident Cloud Security System ™.
    • Modern intelligent cloud management for updates and compliance of all desktops, laptops, web-browsers, and mobile apps connecting to your data and voice systems.
  • Your business continuity and disaster recovery concerns.
    • Work EXACTLY the same from home in the event of a disaster at your office for BOTH voice and data systems.
    • Emphasizing this point: your phone system will work the same in the event of a disaster at your office.
    • No secondary failover site to pay for, no on-premise backup and disaster recovery system to pay for.
    • No switching to cell phones as a backup voice system.
  • Your remote employee/traveling employee/work-from-home needs
    • Easily work the same at home or on the road as you do in the office.
    • No VPN’s.
  • Making your business a more attractive work environment with Work From Home flexibility
    • HUGE employee morale booster.
    • Smart/capable employees that work well at the office work EVEN BETTER with work-from-home flexibility.
    • Increase work utilization/billings/productivity enabling work from home.
    • Attract and complete for good employees that are HOPING/EXPECTING you provide this flexibility.
    • Hire the best people you can find from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
  • Giving your employees the IT support they need.
    • Getting your users back to work QUICKLY when their computers are not working.
    • The hidden high cost and inefficiency of having your non-technical employees slowly solving their own computer problems—OR WORSE—trying to solve another users’ computer problems.
    • The inefficiency and cost on a per-user basis of maintaining your own IT department.
      • Turnover in an internal IT department.
      • Training an internal IT department.
      • Keeping good IT people from getting bored and leaving.
      • Keeping bad IT people who stick around but are not capable.
  • You IT strategy concerns.
    • Get away from the same old tired ideas around IT you have heard a million times before.
    • Use The Technology Strategizer ™ so that your IT is enabling your business goals.
    • Get Virtual CIO services on an unlimited basis.
  • Updating your employee IT skills.
    • Using Xerillion’s Team Collaboration Expander™ to get exciting, interesting, continuous technology micro-training.
    • Develop a culture of learning.
    • Learning leads to new capabilities.
    • New capabilities drive innovation.
  • The end of complicated billing that takes too much of your time.
    • No more long invoices that you have to sort through to understand.
    • A single line item on your bill provide each employee with a fully managed enterprise voice and data IT department for a flat fee.

Who is it best for?

  • US-based businesses with 20 to 200 users that want to provide a modern, highly secure and collaborative IT services and management platform for each member of their team.
  • Businesses that want a modern cloud-based approach to IT services, security, support, disaster recovery, strategy and management.
  • IT managers that want to offload the day-to-day management and support, so they can focus on business projects and work with a partner that has the training, experience, processes and systems to support an enterprise cloud-based system.

What does it cost?

  • Recurring:
    • The Confident Cloud Advantage ™ packages are priced per user per month.
    • Minimum 20 users, up to 200 users.
  • One-Time:
    • The Easy Cloud Transformer ™ - our IT product to bring your computers and networking equipment up to date, migrate email and file data, migrate phones (if applicable), implement security and management, and onboard your users for helpdesk support. The cost depends on the numbers of users and how out of date the system is. Converting this project to a lease is available.
    • As a Microsoft gold cloud partner – we have privileged access to investment funding by Microsoft which ranges from $1,500 to $6,000 to help reduce the client’s project fees.

Still Interested?

Great! Here is The Confident Cloud Advantage in more detail…

The Confident Cloud Advantage™ consists of these 8 systems:

  1. The Confident Cloud Strategy ™
  2. The Wow Helpdesk ™
  3. The Cloud Security System
  4. The Cloud Management System
  5. The Team Collaboration Expander ™
  6. The Technology Strategizer ™
  7. The Secure Onboard/Offboard Process
  8. Cloud Services powered by the Microsoft Cloud

The Confident Cloud Strategy ™: the modern foundation to 10X your business.

  1. Remove as many servers (virtual/physical/onsite/offsite) as possible from your system.
  2. If you have servers hosting email and files – move them to the cloud.
  3. If you have Windows apps that are not web-based – move them to the cloud (it is not hard).
  4. If you have a hodge-podge of cloud services – consolidate them under a single cloud system.
  5. Move your phone system to the cloud as soon as possible.
  6. Update your local area network: your ISP router, firewall, switch and wireless access points older than 5 years.
  7. Replace your computers older than 5 years, preferably laptops for business continuity planning.
  8. Update all of your computers to the latest build of Windows 10, preferably the Enterprise edition.
  9. Update Microsoft Office to the latest version.
  10. Setup connect/sync/copy controls for all computers, devices and apps accessing company data.
  11. Setup compliance controls for computers, devices and apps requiring a baseline security standard prior to permitting connect/copy/sync access to company data.
  12. Manage company data so it doesn't leave when an employee leaves on their personal devices.
  13. Quickly and continuously update your team’s skills in an exciting and fun way to drive collaboration, efficiency and innovation – as they don’t know what they don’t know until learn.
  14. Reduce emails, meetings, and stress, increase uninterrupted focus time, team collaboration and job satisfaction.

The Confident Cloud Helpdesk: smart support to get your users unstuck and enlightened

  1. Unlimited IT on all users, on all their computers, mobile devices, mobile apps, web apps, phones (if applicable) connecting into our cloud services 365 days a year.
  2. When a reboot or a quick Google search won’t solve a computer problem, give all your users the ability to call computer experts who do this work all day long.
  3. Stop inefficient work by having users slowly trying to solve computer problems themselves for which they have no training or little experience.
  4. Stop a single computer issue from dragging two employees when one calls the other to fix a problem.
  5. Give your users access to trained/certified/experienced computer support resources than can show them better more efficient way to do things – in addition to solving their computer problem.
  6. Free up your full-time in-house IT professionals to work on higher-value business projects instead of constant distraction of helpdesk issues.
  7. Increase security by reducing the number of internal employees that have administrative access to IT systems.

The Cloud Management System: your system is taking to you, are you listening?

  1. Cloud services throw off hundreds of alerts monthly and must be monitored and reviewed with ticketed process to prevent unexpected changes which can negatively impact users and create unplanned work.
  2. Cloud services require logging into many different portal dashboards (similar to logging into individual servers) and must be reviewed on a ticketed routine basis with a checklist template for each client every month.
  3. Cloud service portal dashboards to manage: service health or degradation alerts, plan for changes alerts, prevent and fix alerts, device compliance failure alerts, device configuration failure alerts.
  4. Dashboards are NEVER green across the board – they always have issues to tend to.
  5. Alerts that simply fire off emails are useless and only create noise.
  6. Experienced alert management means critical/meaningful alerts are converted to tickets and reviewed and remediated while noisy alerts are ignored.
  7. Cloud service management is a two ticket process: one cloud engineer reviews the portal dashboards for items that need action and closes the ticket, while another cloud engineer remediates the issues.

The Cloud Security System: keeping your data secure, protected, private and under your control.

  1. Cloud security systems are extremely advanced, have lots of options and toggles, and create lots of warning and alerts.
  2. Cloud security systems must be methodically monitored and reviewed in a ticketed process to prevent or remediate security breaches which can hurt your business.
  3. Many different portal dashboards must be reviewed on a routine basis with a checklist template for each client every month.
  4. Cloud security services to manage: identity threat alerts, suspicious device threat alerts, suspicious device or user access alerts, suspicious data access threat alerts, device compliance failure alerts, unusual copy/delete/sharing alerts.
  5. Not all alerts can be automatically turned into ticket - some systems need to be manually reviewed.
  6. One cloud engineer runs the checklist review process ticket, and one cloud engineers remediate the issues.
  7. Enabling and managing multi-factor authentication for all users.
  8. Enabling Windows Enterprise OS upgrade if licensed to reduce dependence firewalls, antivirus, spam filters and protect that computer properly no matter where it goes.

The Secure Onboard/Offboard Process: impress new hire and keep data secure.

  1. Ticketed checklist template process to smartly and securely setup new employees on a new or existing computer, with the apps they need, connected to the system they need, but only to what they need, and an orientation and training to get them working productively straight away.
  2. Ticketed checklist template process to securely turn off employee's access to company IT resources and ensure no data stays with the employee on any personal devices.

The Team Collaboration Expander ™: technology tools without training means little will change.

  1. Updating technology tools without updating user technology skills is meaningless.
  2. Your users don’t know what they don’t know – let’s change that.
  3. Fun and exciting “quick-hit”/”a-ha” short video sequences to quickly increase the user's technology skills.
  4. Every few short videos, uses must pass a short quiz to make sure they weren’t spacing out.
  5. Users score points which each video they watch, and quiz they pass.
  6. Uses are ranked on a scoreboard based on points.
  7. Training managers easily identify who is taking training seriously and who needs a nag.
  8. Increased skills mean increased confidence, smarter work and increased collaboration.
  9. Modern collaboration increases innovation and creates a better product for customers.

The Business Technology Strategizer ™: is IT leadership in your business strategy meetings?

  1. Unlimited Virtual Chief Technology Officer for your business.
  2. Meet with your leadership team at least annually.
  3. Understand dangers that must be eliminated, opportunities that must be captured, strengths that must be maximized and how to align your business technology with your business goals.

Cloud Services powered by The Microsoft Cloud: the business technology leader.

  1. The technology power behind the Confident Cloud advantage is the Microsoft Cloud.
  2. Microsoft is the #1 technology company and modern IT platform for businesses in the world.
  3. Xerillion enjoys a direct and privileged relationship with Microsoft as a gold tier 1 cloud solutions partner.
  4. All Xerillion engineers are required to pass a heavy sequence of training and certifications around Microsoft cloud technology.

The Confident Cloud Advantage is EVERYTHING you need for a completed enterprise-grade IT department solution that easily scales with your company.

Imagine outfitting your valuable employees for which you have a monthly investment in the $5,000 to $10,000+/month range, with the latest, most modern voice and data systems, prompt highly trained helpdesk support, a training system so they can use the most modern IT tools, a proactive security and systems management process, and a CIO to align your technology with your business strategy. THAT – is the REAL IT that you need for your business.

With the Confident Cloud Advantage your team will get more done with less stress, less emails and less meetings, collaborate better, be more innovative, and your company will look very impressive to potential hires.

Xerillion can help get you to where you need to be.


I was able to save money, reduce our IT operating budget and be able to have a high quality of service to maintain our network.

Prior to using Xerillion, our IT support was very reactionary and slow to complete repairs. We were transitioning from in-house IT support to Xerillion’s outsourced fully managed IT services. During the transition to their managed services our staff was very sensitive about the change and their client liaison made sure that any sensitivities we had were fully addressed as Xerillion helped get our IT issues settled down. The biggest benefit of going with Xerillion has been that I feel our system is more up-to-date, more secure, and I feel confident in our network. Their fees are fair and they are good at a give and take relationship, which in my opinion, is a key component of a good relationship, be it personal or professional.

Brian LoVetere, COO Carnow Conibear

We are a nonprofit organization providing services to the homeless with three locations and 15 shelter sites. Migrating to the cloud was going to help us immensely, but it was a daunting task. Xerillion helped us plan for, execute and then navigate through this system. They continue to provide tremendous support to us and we are very pleased to work with them.

Joel Williams Executive Director
PADS Lake County