In the regular world, they are known as IT guys, network admins, network engineers, computer guys, computer geeks/nerds….but at Xerillion they are known as….the X-TECHS.

Managed IT




Xerillion  X-TECHS  IT Support Packages Consist of 7 Things:

  1. Onsite Support and Ongoing Consultation: routine scheduled onsite half-day (4 hour) service visits with your two dedicated Xerillion X-Techs who rotate visits to your site.
  1. Remote Helpdesk Support: unlimited remote support with our in-house X-Tech helpdesk team.
  1. After-hours helpdesk and network monitoring: after-hours helpdesk and server outage alarms.
  1. Security Management: ongoing firewall, antivirus and security patch management.
  1. Server Management and Monitoring: ongoing scheduled off-hour security patching, error remediation, backup management, and server outage alarm and remediation.
  1. Service Review: routine calls going over services performed and client satisfaction.
  1. Technology Reviews: annual review of how technology can help your business initiatives.

OK, those 7 things sound like what we are looking for, so how does your service work?

Our service team consists of our field service team, our helpdesk team, our dispatchers, our service manager, and our procurement specialist.

When you sign up with us, we will take your company through an onboarding were we will train your team on how to get support by calling in our emailing your service needs.

All calls and emails are turned into tickets, and those tickets are then either addressed right away if needed, or attached to an onsite service visit.

If the ticket is attached to an onsite service call, when your X-Tech arrives at your office they will see the tickets assigned to their visit, and address them.

Our service manager reviews all open tickets from service visits from the prior day and works with the X-Tech to determine if another visit is needed or the ticket be addressed remotely or closed out.

The service manager’s job is to ensure closer of all open tickets and all open projects.

Our dispatchers work hard and constantly to ensure tickets are being handed off to the proper X-Tech, and work on scheduling and rescheduling onsite visits and projects.

OK, so what happens on routine visits with my two dedicated X-Techs?

Scheduled time for your X-Tech to focus on the your IT needs without distraction.

Tickets are sent in by the client are attached to the visit.

Your X-Tech checks in with the you and goes over the list of things to be done.

You may reprioritize the work to be done, determine if anything tickets need to be shifted around, or if a new item needs to be addressed.

You can also use this time to consult with your X-Tech about anything IT-wise you have on your mind.

Your X-Tech can also use this time to discuss anything on their mind that they think you need.

In addition to these things, your X-Tech also works through a standard checklist:

  1. Check Office 365 logs, if errors, plan for remediation.
  2. Check Windows Intune logs, if errors, plans for remediation.
  3. Check monitoring logs, if errors or concerns, plan for remediation.
  4. Check server logs, if errors, plan for remediation.
  5. Check backup logs, if errors, plan for remediation.
  6. Check firewall logs, if errors, plan for remediation
  7. Walk through Office and check on staff generally in case anyone needs anything.
    1. Virtual Visit – provided there is time amidst the work to do, your X-Tech will call around to each user to determine if any users have any issues.

Two X-Techs ensure continuity.

Routine visits ensure strong familiarity with the system.

Strong familiarity ensures efficiency to resolve problems quickly.

Strong familiarity and routine interaction ensures your X-Tech can properly consult with you on your IT initiatives and take ownership of your computer network.

Onsite visits are scheduled 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm business days.

What is there isn’t enough to do for my X-Tech on their visit?

Good question, and this is often asked.

We are pretty good at matching the right X-TECHS service plan with the needs of the client, but that being said, we have found that generally as you get comfortable and confident working with your X-Tech and the Xerillion team, you’ll begin offloading more and more IT work you were handling yourself—freeing you up to do the work your company pays you for.

We often find that several months in, your X-Tech will be telling us that he is often running out of time when onsite and needs more time, at which point we work with you to determine if an additional visit is needed nor not. Conversely, in the rare case that your X-Tech doesn’t have enough to do, we can easily adjust your plan down a level as well at any time.

I like this idea of two dedicated Xerillion X-Techs on my account, but what happens when I have issues outside the routine visits?

Another good questions, that is often asked.

If an issue comes up outside your routine visit, we first try to reach your X-Tech if they are available.

If the issue is not an emergency, we may also decide to move your visit up.

If neither of those options are available, this is where our helpdesk team comes in, which we’ll talk about next.

How does the helpdesk work and how do they fit in?

Our in-house helpdesk X-Techs provide remote support when we at your site on a routine visit, and for our clients with remote offices are that don’t even have an office at all.

The helpdesk X-Techs take your calls outside of your routine visits when your dedicated X-Tech cannot take the call.

The helpdesk provides live support 7am to 5pm business days.

Responding to error alerts or outages from our monitoring of your computer network

How about after-hours support?

Each week one Xerillion X-Tech rotates on-call to provide after-hours support.

Call back end-user helpdesk support provided 6am to 10pm 7 days a week with a 2 hour or less callback SLA, though our typical response is a 30-60 minutes.

Onsite escalation for any issues that cannot be addressed remotely but need remediation before start of the next business day.

24x7 live server outage monitoring with a phone-in call to our on-call IT Pro, with the goal of getting the server back online before the start of the next business day.

How does your remote monitoring and security updating work?

We install management software on computers, mobile devices, and servers to manage their operating system updates, antivirus and security policies.

User computers that have errors, such as hard drive errors, operating system errors, or errors updating, or virus notifications are turned into tickets for the helpdesk team to remediate.

For servers and Internet circuits, we install management agent software which is connected to our Network Operations Center, and if they see a server go offline and not come back online, they will first try to see if they can remotely fix the problem, and if that is not possible they will call the on-call X-Tech who then will determine if he needs to go onsite to remediate the issue before the start fo the business day.

Server updating for security patches and antivirus is done off hours, usually Wednesday evenings through Network Operations Center.

How do you ensure we are happy with your services?

When any ticket or project from your company is closed in our system, that user will get an email stating the ticket is closed and to rate the service they got from 1-5.

If they rate the service a 3 or less, a new ticket is created in our ticket system which is assigned to our service delivery manager, who then contacts you to find out what happened and what we need to do to make things right.

As part of our X-TECHS support packages, our service delivery manager will meet with you on a routine call where he goes over open items, any items of concern, and also provides you with an opportunity to share any concerns you have that we need to address.

How will you keep my technology up to date?

We recommend and monitor these things for you:

  1. User computers under 3 years old with a supported operating system that is not end of life, though we recommend the latest operating system available.
  2. Servers under 5 years old with an active 24x7x365, 4 hour response warranty.
  3. Firewalls, switches, routers and wireless access points under 5 years old, under a 24x7x365 support warranty.
  4. Getting Microsoft Office 365 to ensure you always have the latest version of Microsoft Office.

We also make a ticket in our system for your company to do an annual technology review where we listen to your overall business initiatives and determine where technology can help with those initiatives.

Do your contracts lock me into any long commitments?

Not at all.

Our service agreements are short and sweet and take just a few minutes to read.

You work with us month-to-month, and you keep us as long as we are the right fit for you.

Do I have to pay any money upfront?

No. We never take any money upfront for services.

We realize you don’t know us, and we have to earn your trust.

We tell you to hold onto your money and take no deposits or retainers, and only after we have done all the work we said we were going to do, for the amount we said were going to do it in will you get an invoice, and you ONLY pay if you are 100% satisfied – state in simple black and white english in our service agreement. This is the way we have been doing business since 2002.

If there is any hardware or software that needs to be purchased for a project, we do ask that that be paid up front.

How many people are in your company?

There are 15 full-time employees and no contractors.

What size companies do you support?

We service companies from start-ups with 3 employees all the way to companies with 150 employees. Our typical client has between 20-40 employees.

How long have you been in business?

Since August 2002. Wayne Chapin is the founder of the company and he and Kay Chapin own 100% of the company.

What is Wayne Chapin’s background?

Wayne Chapin has a B.S. Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Springfield, is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Office 365 Solutions Associate, and a Microsoft Certified Dynamics CRM specialist. Wayne was an internal network administrator for 3 years, an IT consultant for 2 years, then started Xerillion where he was the sole employee for one year adding one employee a year. In 2004 his wife Kay joined the company full time as a 50% partner in the company. Here is Wayne Chapin’s LinkedIn Profile

What makes you different?

We are big believers in Microsoft’s Cloud strategy. Microsoft Office 365 replaces most of the need of having any servers at all. Office 365 is where we’d move your email and documents. That is the first step. Office 365 when done properly also means less meetings and less emails. Office 365 also means your team can easily collaborate really well from anywhere. You get a very sophisticate system for a tiny faction of the cost of building such a system out. Cloud system are much more secure than on-premise systems, or even systems that are hosted in a data center by your current IT service provider. We are different because if you hire us, we can support you 100% in a cloud-based environment, or move you to a hybrid environment if you cannot make the move fully yet. We are different because EVERYONE in Xerillion has obtained their Office 365 solutions associate certifications – which is NOT easy to get and took a big comment from all the X-TECHS on our team. All the X-Techs are well experienced at customizing and configuring Office 365 for email your documents (inside SharePoint) and the additional feature in Office 365 that brings so much richness to the package like: Skype for Business, Planner and Delve. We know how to implement and train your staff on these things.

We are also very different because we believe in using Microsoft Azure to manage your security – something that most IT companies will still use a server to do. We know how to cost effectively move you to Azure Active Directory instead of a local domain controller.

We are different because we know the latest technology Microsoft has to setup security rules inside your organization which won’t allow people just sync your data just anywhere, or work with your data on just any device, that is, if you do want those types of security in your environment.

We are different because we are a Microsoft Gold partner and the send us leads every single day because they know they can trust us, as can 100% clients every single day.

OK, very interesting, so what are the next steps?

The next steps would be to give us a call at 847-995-8500 or email us at We will talk with you right then or setup a phone call at a time that works well for you.

We will go over your current situation and your needs. From there, if it appears Xerillion might be a right fit for you, we will come to your site, talk a bit more, review your existing system and make a plan for a solution proposal.

We then present the proposal, determine if adjustments need to be made, revise if necessary and resend back to you.

If we get chosen as your vendor (hooray!) then we commence onboarding and any project kick-offs with our team to get things going.

Can I see what your X-TECHS packages look like?

Absolutely. Here are our X-TECHS packages:

X-TECHS Starter - For businesses with between 5 to 15 employees

  • 1 scheduled routine 1 hour session a month with your 2 dedicated X-Techs
  • Unlimited remote helpdesk
  • Quarterly IT management review
  • Annual technology review

X-TECHS 1 - For businesses with about 15- 20 employees

  • 1 scheduled routine half-day (4 hour) visits a month with your 2 dedicated X-Techs
  • Unlimited remote helpdesk
  • Quarterly IT management review
  • Annual technology review

X-TECHS 2 - For businesses with around 30 - 40 employees

  • 2 scheduled routine half-day (4 hour) visits a month with your 2 dedicated X-Techs
  • Unlimited remote helpdesk
  • Monthly IT management review
  • Bi-Annual technology review

X-TECHS 4 - For businesses with around 50 - 60 employees

  • 4 scheduled routine half-day (4 hour) visits a month with your 2 dedicated X-Techs
  • Unlimited remote helpdesk
  • Monthly IT management review
  • Bi-Annual technology review

X-TECHS Augmenter - For businesses with internal IT

  • Routine half-day (4 hour) session a month with your 2 dedicated IT Pros
  • Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or twice-weekly visits
  • Quarterly IT management review
  • Annual technology review

X-TECHS 365 - For businesses that are 100% in Microsoft Office 365

  • 1 scheduled routine 1 hour session a month with your dedicated X-TECH
  • Unlimited Office 365 and Windows Intune administration
  • User account setups and deactivations

Monitoring Add-Ons

Server monitoring (virtual or physical)
Internet monitoring with ISP call-in escalation
Backup monitoring

Computer Setups

New computer setups
New user setup on existing company computers


What was that phone number and email again to schedule my free consultation?

Phone: 847-995-9800


I was able to save money, reduce our IT operating budget and be able to have a high quality of service to maintain our network.

Prior to using Xerillion, our IT support was very reactionary and slow to complete repairs. We were transitioning from in-house IT support to Xerillion’s outsourced fully managed IT services. During the transition to their managed services our staff was very sensitive about the change and their client liaison made sure that any sensitivities we had were fully addressed as Xerillion helped get our IT issues settled down. The biggest benefit of going with Xerillion has been that I feel our system is more up-to-date, more secure, and I feel confident in our network. Their fees are fair and they are good at a give and take relationship, which in my opinion, is a key component of a good relationship, be it personal or professional.

Carnow Conibear
Xerillion Corporation
5 / 5 stars

We are a nonprofit organization providing services to the homeless with three locations and 15 shelter sites. Migrating to the cloud was going to help us immensely, but it was a daunting task. Xerillion helped us plan for, execute and then navigate through this system. They continue to provide tremendous support to us and we are very pleased to work with them.

Executive Director
PADS Lake County
Xerillion Corporation
5 / 5 stars