when_buying_tech__who_do__111586_206602Advertising is pervasive, and sadly, that even extends to the Internet. Almost every website you visit contains an assortment of ads. Some take the form of on-page offerings, while others fall into the much more annoying popup category. For a large majority of products, this type of advertising is highly regarded, but traditional ads may not be as effective in terms of prompting purchasing decisions. For many, the driving forces behind tech purchasing decisions are personal friend/word of mouth recommendations or expert reviews.

This shouldn’t really be too surprising, considering personal experiences with products or services provides the trust we seek to make the right purchasing decision. This trust factor is also heavily seen in the online space. A staggering 85% of people in a recent survey indicated that when they’re considering making a purchase, that the web content most influential to their purchasing decision are expert reviews in the form of blog posts or videos, while a scant 6% of those surveyed on web purchasing decisions based their decision on traditional advertising.

If you take away the personal relationship aspect and focus directly on the other ways we are making purchasing decisions, trust for product purchases is now aggressively being built through online reviews and videos. We are already seeing this with blog sites and video sites like YouTube. It has been reported that YouTube is the second largest Internet search engine, only outranked by Google.

The number one way to be sure you are making the right technology buying decision is to speak directly to an expert. By discussing your particular needs and wants with a technology consultant, you are assured that you won’t be spending unnecessary money on the wrong solutions for your business. This is where the trust comes in to play. Be sure that the expert with whom you consult has your best interest in mind and is providing the right solution based on your needs and not their pocketbooks. By working with a trusted technology company, you will be sure to have an experience you won’t regret.

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