I talk with prospective clients all the time. There are those that talk about how serious they are about security and how they are "concerned about cloud security" not being secure.  Then I start asking a few questions about their system and I found out they are running on Windows 7 computers, and a 7 year old firewall, a mish-mash of antivirus, ect. They have no visibility or control of where their emails or documents go. Of course they tell their own clients they have everything buttoned up, but I know otherwise: they are just one accidental/intentional data leakage away from a problem that at best only causes they to lose some customers, but at worse ruins their reputation or causes legal issues.

The answers are simple: implement Microsoft 365 Enterprise, get all your computers managed to run the latest version of your operating systems: WindowsOS, MacOS, iOS, Android, ect. Then get some updated networking equipment, and get a serious cloud platform to run your business and someone who knows how to REALLY implement it.

Here's a quick quiz to see how cyber-aware you are: