Nothing frustrates me more than an overflowing and cluttered inbox. UGH. Let’s be realistic here. If you’re working on projects and trying to collaborate with your team, there’s always a chance that you’ll miss that one email that was time-sensitive and then you’ll be scrambling to get on top of it with your tail between your legs apologizing to your boss or your client.

It’s time to de-clutter your inbox by integrating a chat-based workspace for your business with Microsoft Teams. You’ll feel more organized and there will be no more scrambling!

Look at your inbox now—seriously..... I’m sure that it’s full of emails from vendors, clients, employees, and whatever else you may receive. At the end of the day, it’s one big dumpster that you must sift through.

Now look at this same situation but where you have only the bare minimum in your mailbox -primarily people outside your company. The bulk of what you may deal with is internal collaboration that can be filed away in Team "channels". You can organize each Team and each channel to maximize organization—but more importantly…maximize your team’s collaboration and reduce YOUR STRESS.

You aren't part of the sales "Team" - guess what? You'll never get notifications of new posts there. If you are part of the Sales team, and someone "@ mentions you", you'll get a little activity notice – click on it and go right to your response. If someone replies to something you posted, you get a response. If no one @ mentions you or doesn't reply to your posting – no activity alert. Life is good.

Why do you prefer to text rather than call someone? Because you get to the point! It is the same way with Teams. No long email "chats" filling up your inbox or trying to sift through bulky signature files. If you have an activity alert – it's relevant to you. Go get 'em tiger!

Want to really get things done – use the Teams app. Oh my god, knock out responses in minutes!

If an important email comes in, it can be tagged to the correct Team channel. So, everything that corresponds with Client A will show up in Client A’s channel where the team can collaborate rather than send email after email that bulks up your inbox. This is extremely useful especially when anyone needs feedback on an email. Like I said, these important questions can easily be lost in the clutter of your inbox. In Teams, my team can easily tag me in their question and I will get that notification to get back to them.

Sometimes a simple “like” is all the confirmation I need to give - and you can "like" a post in Teams – no additional polite comments needed.

Already I’m saving time typing up a confirmation as well as reading through an entire chain of correspondence when all I need is to know the question being asked.

On top of email that you can tag and include in the correct channels for your Team, you can customize each channel to include whatever tools you need to make your collaboration actually work!

We’ve integrated this application at Xerillion and my inbox is already seeing relief from the clutter. I increase my focus, reduce my stress and our team is really collaborating.

For more information on Microsoft Teams, click here.