Creative phishing schemes with malicious links or attachments can pass through your spam filters. All it takes is one click for a breach to occur.  The effects of a breach can not only affect your internal team, but may potentially get out to your clients, which could cost your business’ integrity.

For example, your company does business with many clients and you often correspond with the head managers. You receive an email from the head manager with a link to a quote they attached. You click on the link without thinking twice since it came from the manager. Upon closer inspection of the email, the manager was hacked, and you are now exposed to the hacker’s phishing scheme.

Cyber crime is evolving to mimic what you see and work with every day. Unfortunately, not every email can be deleted in time before it is clicked on.

The good news is, we offer phishing testing to our clients! If you have ANY doubt about how phishing schemes are recognized and dealt with by your employees, we provide testing to evaluate this.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • We setup the client account for all the employees and their email addresses.
  • We white-list phony emails for your employees' mailboxes that they will be receiving the phishing email from.
  • Your employees receive an email that appears legitimate from an email address that doesn't immediately raise suspicion
  • We provide you with a report detailing who clicked the link and can provide suggestions on how to avoid this type of costly mistake

As your IT partner, we understand your concerns and have solutions to lessen the chance of this happening. To prevent these phishing attacks from coming to fruition, we HIGHLY recommend implementing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your company.

Why MFA?

  • Protects your profile from unusual logins
  • Rings User’s Cellphone to Verify Login
  • Detects unusual logins whether they’re out of the office, or even the country
  • Provides alerts for users that login outside of normal business hours

Check out our video HERE to learn more.

Let's discuss how Xerillion can help increase your company's security and readiness when faced with advanced phishing schemes!

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