Microsoft Teams can be utilized for team chat to reduce clutter in your mailbox, but have you thought about it being your file storage solution that is quick, easy, and secure?

Move your file shares to Microsoft Teams Files instead of SharePoint Document Libraries. Teams is MUCH easier to work with and manage than SharePoint sites. The technology on the back end of Teams is SharePoint, but management and the interface is so much nicer.

Managing secured folders using Teams channel files is easier and more straightforward than using SharePoint document libraries. Also, you can get all the enterprise capabilities of SharePoint but with a Teams interface OR Windows File Explorer!

I show you in this video how we use OneDrive Files on Demand to "smart sync" folder structures and only fully sync the files I actually need. The technology is amazing, but the really cool thing is that to your users it looks and feels like mapped drives. No VPN's, no backup and disaster recovery systems, full retention and data loss capabilities...the list goes on.