This ain’t your daddy’s IT. Microsoft 365 is WAY MORE SOPHISTICATED.

Microsoft 365 needs to be maintained and it needs your attention – lots of it. This video goes over HOW TO **PROPERLY** MAINTAIN, ANALYZE AND MANAGE A MICROSOFT 365 SYSTEM. You will learn how we have developed our Microsoft 365 maintenance process at Xerillion as applied through our Confident Cloud Advantage managed services.

When we maintain Microsoft 365 for a client, we analyze 9 different portals with 44 different checks – each of which must be checked off inside a recurring maintenance ticket and it is a 2 HOUR ANALYSIS –NOT including any remediation work!

Yes, this video is 1.5 hours long – a CRAZY amount of time in the world of 5 minute YouTube videos, but the raw version of this video was 2.5 hours long and this is STILL JUST AN OVERVIEW! My point being, maintaining and analyzing Microsoft 365 is a SERIOUS UNDERTAKING.

I am going to help you reduce that overwhelming feeling.

Microsoft 365 spits out alerts, just like servers do. So who is watching them? If your idea of “good IT work” is “keeping the lights on” – then you are doing old fashioned IT. You aren’t really managing things; you are just putting out fires.

With Microsoft 365, **MICROSOFT** is in charge of keeping the “lights on” -and OUR JOB as IT Pro’s or as your managed service company is to analyze PORTALS – NOT SERVERS—to review alerts from cloud services about changes, upgrades, fixes, threats and problems that could affect your users ability to get their work done or affect your company’s privacy and security.

The good news? Your days of dealing with failed hardware on servers and patching software are OVER. The bad news? Your NEED TO SKILL UP to thoroughly understand a Microsoft 365 cloud services system OR you need to get the right company who knows how to maintain your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Here are key technologies you need to understand THOROUGHLY and that I discuss in this video:

-Azure Active Directory PREMIUM

-Azure Identity Protection

-Microsoft Intune

-App Protection Policies

-Conditional Access Policies

-Device Management Policies

-Compliance Policies

-Machine Learning Threat Detection for cloud services, apps and devices

-Retention Policies for email and files -Data Lifecycles

-Data Governance -Microsoft Phone System

-Microsoft Secure Score

I take you through an orientation of the Microsoft 365 maintenance process, and a short demo of each part of our process, and you can decide if you want to use some of the parts for your own process – OR if you want to talk to us about helping you, you can email, or call us at 847-995-9800.

No matter what you decide – Microsoft 365 DOES NEED TO BE MAINTAINED.