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Maintaining Microsoft 365 | Orientation + Demos

This ain’t your daddy’s IT. Microsoft 365 is WAY MORE SOPHISTICATED. Microsoft 365 needs to be maintained and it needs your attention – lots of it. This video goes over HOW TO **PROPERLY** MAINTAIN, ANALYZE AND MANAGE A MICROSOFT 365 ...

No Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled?? UNBELIEVABLE.

You've created many passwords that follow ALL the security requirements for whatever application you're using them for. Your secure score is high, or so you think. No matter how secure your password is, there is a high chance that your ...

LIVE on Youtube: Q&A With Wayne Chapin of Xerillion

There is a lot of information out there about Microsoft technology. Whether you're looking to upgrade your system or simply looking to educate yourself about advanced and secure technology. You can read information from Microsoft; watch videos, but have you ...

Using Office 365 & Azure For Quickly Growing Businesses

What type of setup do you use if your business is growing quickly? What about if most of your team is stationed around the United States and beyond? Meet TCC Wireless. TCC Wireless is growing 200% per year and the ...

Company Revenue up 47% While Primarily Working from Home

Our journey to a primarily work from home company using Microsoft 365 and Azure How we grew our revenue 47% during the same year we made the switch to work from home as a company. How we monitor productivity in ...

Microsoft Teams Brings the Simplicity of Texting To Your Business

You text your friends and family - you don't email them. You like texting because it is simple, clean, quick, relevant, organized and not full of spam. Your company email mailbox is messy in comparison. What if you could take ...

Why You Should Move Your Files To Teams, NOT SharePoint Document Libraries

Microsoft Teams can be utilized for team chat to reduce clutter in your mailbox, but have you thought about it being your file storage solution that is quick, easy, and secure? Move your file shares to Microsoft Teams Files instead ...

Are Your Employees Giving Their Passwords to Cyber Criminals?

Enhance Your Company's Security You've heard of cyber criminals, and they're definitely real. You see their attempts to trick you in your spam and junk emails. In recent years, cyber criminals have worke

FREE Webinar: Why Does Wayne Prefer Microsoft Teams?

Why Wayne Prefers Microsoft Teams: Teams vs. Outlook, File Server Replacement, and Phone System in Teams The story of the ...

Happy New Year!

As the last few hours of 2018 are upon us, we can't wait to see what 2019 will hold for Microsoft technologies and the security that we can bring to our clients. From our Xerillion family to yours, we wish ...


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